The whimsical and highly-functioning musical furniture of Washington-native Tor Clausen provides endless inspiration for woodworkers who are a bit eccentric. Yes, I guess that’s all of you ;) I hope this quick post makes you go WOW and add a marimba garden bench to your list of summer projects.

Or at least make you go wow :)

Don’t miss the videos below of Tor’s musical tables in action!

Musical Coffee Table

Musical Garden Bench

(Garden bench plans + bass marimba plans = ???)

Musical Porch Swing

Don’t stop there though…

What’s a picnic table but a MASSIVE bass marimba? (Start with our picnic table plans :)

Heck, what are sawhorses but single notes of the world’s most practical xylophone? Just make sure your woodworking project’s finished before your musical guests arrive ;) (Our sawhorse plan collection has some good note prospects…)

Bonus: Cutting board plans + free guitar plans = the Butcher Block Electric Guitar…

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Videos of Tor Clausen and His Tables in Action
Musical Rumba Table by

Video: About Musical Furnishings

Video: Tor Clausen Building a Musical Treasure Chest

Video: Creator Tor Clausen on a wood shopping trip… looking for musical boards!

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