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WTH does AWFS stand for? Glad you asked! It stands for the Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Suppliers, which started in 1911. They are “a national association with international membership that includes manufacturers and distributors of machines, hardware, lumber, upholstery materials, bedding, wood products and other suppliers to furniture and cabinet manufacturers.” Their job is […]

If you’ve shown your router that you care by building one of our router table plans, it’s time to show your router bits some love too! This free plan collection delivers boxes, shelves, organizers and everything in between so your router bits will stay sharp until you need them! We also include some forum threads […]

Way back in March of 2007 we collected router table plans and published’s Ultimate Guide: 28 Free Router Table Plans… With the addition of 10 more router table plans it’s now 50% MORE ULTIMATE! For folks who were already familiar with that plan collection we put all the new plans in this post – […]

I became a true SawStop fanboy the day I watched inventor Steve Gass stick his finger into the blade of one of his creations. I recently learned about their upcoming release of the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS), targeting the slightly-sub $3k price point. So join me in fanboy worship as I provide a brief […]

What’s the most dangerous power tool? Most woodworkers agree, it’s YOU. And right after that, the table saw :) Staying safe on the table saw takes more than just push sticks and push blocks, but they are very important to keeping your paws (and your abdomen…) as safe as possible from the blade as well […]

Music is that much sweeter when it’s from an instrument you made yourself! Put your woodworking skills to the test with this roundup of musical instrument plans, broken down into strings, wind, percussion and ancient/period instruments. Not everything out there is a proper plan… sometimes it’s more of a photo essay, sometimes just drawings. When […]