What’s the most dangerous power tool? Most woodworkers agree, it’s YOU. And right after that, the table saw :)

Staying safe on the table saw takes more than just push sticks and push blocks, but they are very important to keeping your paws (and your abdomen…) as safe as possible from the blade as well as kickback.

This free woodworking plan collection from ToolCrib.com catalogs and organizes all the free push stick plans and free push block plans that Google could find. We hope it helps keep you safe!

Here’s what you’ll find:
>> 4 Push Stick/Block Awards: “The Pushies”
>> 4 Fence Straddler Push Blocks
>> 4 Classic Push Block Plans
>> 8 Classic Push Stick Plans
>> 3 Small/Thin + Heavy Duty Push Blocks
>> 3 Non-Table Saw Pushers

Enjoy, and stay safe!

>> 4 Push Stick/Block Awards: “The Pushies”
The parents of these award winning push blocks and push sticks will be so proud! Put them to good use and they’ll do you proud too.

1) “Green” Award: Pushblock with Replaceable Body

2) Aesthetics Award: Table Saw Push Block (straddle-style) (maybe it’s just the photo shoot, but that’s one pretty push block…)

3) “Hard Sell” Award: Tablesaw Push Shoe (His description reads like an infomercial. I’m sold already!)

4) Groaner (Bad Joke) Award: “High-Tech” Push Blocks (mouse pads = high tech, ok I get it… I wasn’t as impressed as I hoped I’d be when I saw the name.)

>> 4 Fence Straddler Push Blocks
Who says straddlin’ the fence is a bad thing? Though these blocks and sticks can’t quite make up their mind about where they stand, they do a great job of keeping your paws safe…

1) Thin-strip rippin’ pushblock

2) Ride the rails for safer thin strip ripping

3) Table Saw Push Stick

4) Straddle Stick Safety

>> 4 Classic Push Block Plans
These classic push blocks have stood the test of time… Use them for inspiration or just work directly from the plans!

1) Push Block w/2 Alt Handles + Push Sticks

2) Plywood Push Block (see pic/popup)

3) How to Make a Push Block

4) Finger-Saving Push Blocks

>> 8 Classic Push Stick Plans
Push sticks, like the light saber, are often the jedi woodworker’s first project. Check these out for inspiration or to copy directly.

1) Shoe Style Push Sticks

2) Push Stick

3) Making a Push Stick

4) Make a Pushstick for Safety

5) 2 Push Sticks + 1 Push Block

6) Push Stick and Push Block

7) Push Sticks by Grampa

8) Pushstick Plans (on page 9)

>> 3 Small/Thin + Heavy Duty Push Blocks
I didn’t quite know where to put these so I made up a category that included the defining characteristic of each push block herein.

1) Small Piece Ripping Push Block

2) Wood Strip Cutter Jig

3) Heavy-Duty Push Block

>> 3 Non-Table Saw Pushers
Not every stick or block has to push wood across table saws. Not everything that pushes wood across jointers has to be a block… These sticks and blocks should help you stay safe on your other favorite power tools.

1) Sure-Grip Jointer Pushstick

2) Push Block for Routers

3) Jointer Push Gloves

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