If you’ve shown your router that you care by building one of our router table plans, it’s time to show your router bits some love too! This free plan collection delivers boxes, shelves, organizers and everything in between so your router bits will stay sharp until you need them! We also include some forum threads in case you’d like a little more input on your project.

>> 9 Free Router Bit Storage Plans
Router bits don’t get along very well in tight quarters where they’re always bumping into each other – give them the space they need and they’ll keep on cutting for you.

  1. Router Bit Box
  2. Router Bit Box (PDF)
  3. Modular Router Bit Organizer
  4. Bit Shelf
  5. How to Make a Router Bit Storage Case
  6. How to Make a Router Bit Storage Unit
  7. Router-Bit Storage
  8. Router Bit Organizer
  9. Grampa’s Bit Box

>> 2 Wacky Bit Storage Ideas… That Just Might Work!
Not everything requires a plan – sometimes alls it takes is a set of creative eyes. These two ideas should help you think outside of the box (hehe)… Neither one will blow your mind, but they’re both better than sawdust in yer eye!

  1. Router Bit Storage – Prescription Bottles
  2. Router-bit storage – Old Mechanic’s Box

>> Forum Threads About Router Bit Storage
These forum threads should give you some ideas, tips, pointers and a general warm and fuzzy feeling from all the friendly woodworkers out there. Plus that Sawmill Creek thread has a gorgeous photo of some bad*** router bit storage drawers on a router table.

  1. Router Bit Storage – SawMillCreek
  2. Router Bit Storage Ideas? – Rigid Forums
  3. Router Bit Box – Router Forums

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