WTH does AWFS stand for? Glad you asked! It stands for the Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Suppliers, which started in 1911. They are “a national association with international membership that includes manufacturers and distributors of machines, hardware, lumber, upholstery materials, bedding, wood products and other suppliers to furniture and cabinet manufacturers.” Their job is making a Disney World of woodworking power tools, getting woodworkers drooling, and ensuring that transactions occur between your wallet and their attendees!

It was a huge show this year in Las Vegas, and there’s tons of coverage by all the woodworking outlets you know and love. We researched the heck out of the internet to bring you this AWFS 2009 coverage roundup. ENJOY!

>> AWFS Coverage from Fine Woodworking’s Tool Addicts
Fine Woodworking just launched their “Tool Addicts” blog… and promptly went to AWFS to cover the holy heck out of it! Here are the FWW posts we could find that cover AWFS happenings.

>> The Fabulous, WoodWhispering Spagnuolos Cover AWFS
Marc Spagnuolo is an amazing techie (along with Nicole), woodworker and somehow manages to be his own paparazi too… and thank goodness. Otherwise we’d miss out on such great AWFS coverage!

AWFS with the WoodWhisperer:

AWFS Happenings (all videos embedded here)
(hot) Wood Talk Online – Live From AWFS 2009 (Marc and Matt meet in person)

>> Popular Woodworking Covers AWFS
Popular Woodworking looks like they stayed pretty busy at AWFS, but their lack of online coverage makes me think we’ll see more in their print version. They were left in the (saw)dust by FWW, that’s for sure!

>> CustomMade Covers AWFS
CustomMade appears to be a site that helps locals find great artisans and craftspeople who live near them. They attended AWFS and took some great shots and wrote some great coverage.

>> ISWonline Covers AWFS
Industrial Strength Woodworking… for the industrial woodworking company. That’s what give’s their coverage the business-feeling slant! Good coverage none the less.

>> AWFS Discussed in Forums

>> OneOffs From Around the Web