I’m a relatively sedate, unflappable fellow… But when I found out that the ToolCrib blog WON A TOOL TALKIE award from the CopTool blog?

Well, this video should give you an idea of my unbridled excitement:

Just substitute “Nintendo 64” with “Tool Talkie Award.”

Thank you CopTool! We are the second best woodworking blog next to The WoodWhisperer! No, please don’t tell me how wide the talent pool was. Now excuse me – I must get to widening the doorways for my newly-enlarged head ;D

Seriously – thanks CopTool… I forwarded the award to my boss.

Tool Talkies 2009 – The Very Unofficial Awards for Tool Blogs

Also note ToolSnob’s award acceptance post: Tool Snob Wins Coveted ‘Tool Talkie’ Award