Way back in March of 2007 we collected router table plans and published ToolCrib.com’s Ultimate Guide: 28 Free Router Table Plans… With the addition of 10 more router table plans it’s now 50% MORE ULTIMATE!

For folks who were already familiar with that plan collection we put all the new plans in this post – they’re also in the updated Ultimate Guide to Router Table Plans.

1) Space Saver and Bench Top Free Router Table Plans:

  1. Free Plan and Video: Stow-and-Go Router Table
  2. Minimalist Router Table (by Fine Woodworking)
  3. How To Make a Folding Router Table
  4. Making a Bench Top Router Table the Easy Way
  5. Vertically Tilting Router Table
  6. A Trash Can Router Table Base

2) Full Size/Professional Free Router Table Plans:

  1. Build a Router Table: American Woodworker Feb 1992
  2. Quick & Easy Router Table Upgrade
  4. Router Table Option: Door & Back

3) Router Table Accessories and Router Mounting:

  1. Home Built Router Power Feed
  2. Sliding Top for Router Tables

4) Router Table How To’s and Walkthroughs

  1. Time for a Router Table by Stu Ablett
  2. Router Table Tips for Building or Buying
  3. 3 Router Jigs and Fixtures: American Woodworker Jun 1999
  4. Router Table Tips: What Kind of Router Table Do You Need?

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