It’s fairly easy to find wooden replicas of non-wooden objects. We’ve seen the wooden VW Bus, the 1/2 size Ark, the iWood and even the Amazon Kindling.

So it’s refreshing to discover Ozzie Josh D, who made a gorgeous new wooden shell for his iPod Mini… Complete with a wooden touch wheel. All with a Dremel! Observe:

Here’s how he describes it: “It’s handmade (with special thanks to my 8yr old dremel) from Australian red cedar, Camphor Laurel for the clickwheel, brass plates, brass screws and the guts from the first ipod i ever had.”

Unfortunately no plans are available ;) However, he did take some great build pics and included notes. Here are some excerpts:

“The first step was to cut the old shell in half so i could use the original screen and wheel hole cuts as a template for the cut on the wood front.”

“To protect the internals of the mini from being slotted in and out of the wood case as I carve it down, I made a little block shape to use as a guide.”

“I ended up needing to do some fine carving around the screen and clickwheel border to have the front faceplate sit as snug as possible over the mini’s internal parts.”

“I was kind of drilling blind with the screw pilot holes, aiming to get as close to the inside as i could without splitting the inside ridges.”

Check out the Wood iPod build pictures and notes here >>

You can see his final product in detail here >>

I saw it here: Wood iPod Mini who first saw it here, And here we have a wooden iPod who credits this source: wood ipod which got it here originally: iLounge reader creates all-wood iPod mini, accessories.