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Your woodworking projects will end up out-of-square – even with perfectly square cuts – if you’re assembling on a non-square surface. This collection of assembly table plans, torsion box plans and even some glue-up station plans will keep the square in your project, where it belongs! Stay square, daddy-o! And check out our other collections […]

Does your dog “assist” you in the shop? If so you’re not alone. A recent pet thread at WoodNet revealed the habits of many woodworkers who own dogs. The thread started with a simple question: “How do your shop critters respond to machines?” Some interesting attitudes and patterns emerged over the 100+ replies in this […]

What is it about tapered table legs that pleases the eye? How many people besides woodworkers actually notice tapers? Some questions will never have answers. If your question was: “how do I cut tapers” then you’re in the right place! Check out our other collected free woodworking plans >>