Your woodworking projects will end up out-of-square – even with perfectly square cuts – if you’re assembling on a non-square surface. This collection of assembly table plans, torsion box plans and even some glue-up station plans will keep the square in your project, where it belongs!

Stay square, daddy-o! And check out our other collections of free woodworking plans >>

1) Video: Assembly Table Torsion Box by TheWoodWhisperer

Assembly Table Plans (PDF)

2) Shop Assembly Table by American Woodworker

3) Adjustable-Height Assembly Table

4) Assembly & Cutting Tables

5) Torsion Box Assembly Table Construction Plans in SketchUp

6) How to Build a Torsion Box Workbench Top

7) Build an Air-Station Assembly Table

8) Revolving Finish Station

9) Clamping Station

10) Clamping Station for Panel Glue-Ups

11) Pipe Clamp Glue-up Rack

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