Are you organizationally challenged? Then you must hate looking for screws, nails, nuts, bolts and other hardware in your shop. This collection of hardware storage plans puts the order back into your fasteners… and will make your shop time even more relaxing :)

Here’s what you’ll find below:
>> 5 Hardware and Fastener Storage Plans
>> 6 Smart + Simple +/or Recycled Hardware Storage Ideas
>> 8 More Storage Plan Collections

>> 5 Hardware and Fastener Storage Plans
1) Fastener Dispenser Plan

2) Hardware Storage Cabinet

3) Drawer Organizer Plans

4) Small Parts Organizer

5) Pull-Out Hardware Storage Case Idea

>> 6 Smart + Simple +/or Recycled Hardware Storage Ideas
1) Altoid Storage System for Hardware

2) Organize hardware with coffee cans

3) Good-bye Baby Food Jars (Hello Bulk DVD Cases)

4) Fastener Storage Ideas

>Glad microwaveable plastic food containers
>I use plastic bin boxes from Depot or Lowes. I built a rack to hold them from angle iron and square tube.
>Library card catalog drawers or similar.
>cardboard Grainger bin boxes
>one piece plastic ice cube trays

5) Wood Shop Tips: Storing Nails, Screws & Other Mechanical Fasteners

>fishing tackle boxes
>small instant coffee, hot cocoa and Altoids tins

6) Organizing Small Items in a Workshop
“The most difficult items to keep organized are usually the ones that are smallest and most plentiful. Organize small items in a home workshop with these helpful tips and tools.”

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