What is it about tapered table legs that pleases the eye? How many people besides woodworkers actually notice tapers? Some questions will never have answers.

If your question was: “how do I cut tapers” then you’re in the right place!

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Here’s what you’ll find:
>> 19 Free Tapering Jig Plans
>> 2 Tapering with Jointers Resources: No Jigs Required!
>>Using Taper Jigs: 3 How To’s
>> 5 Taper Jig Forum Discussions

>> 19 Free Tapering Jig Plans
There are taper sleds, stepped taper jigs and that’s just the beginning. Taper jigs come in many shapes, sizes and functions. Check out our selection of 19 free taper jigs and you should find just what you’re looking for.

1) Adjustable Taper Jig

2) Don Garner’s Table Saw Taper Sled PDF

3) How to Make A Stepped Tapering Jig PDF

4) Table Saw Tapering Jig: American Woodworker 1996

5) Tapering Jig PDF

Video on Using “A Better tapering Jig.”

6) Taper Jig Designed by Charles Neil PDF

7) Tablesaw Taper Sled by RunnerDuck

8) Taper Jig Mathematics… for True DIYers

9) Table Saw Taper Jig

10) Build a Tapering Jig

11) Table Saw Jig (Works as Taper Jig)

12) True-Cut Taper Jig

13) Table Saw Taper Jig

14) Combination Taper Jig and Straight Edge

15) Tablesaw Taper Jig By Rick Christopherson

16) My Taper Jig

17) Tapering Jig (on the cheap)

18) Adjustable Taper Jig

19) Bandsaw Taper Cutting Jig

>> 2 Tapering with Jointers Resources: No Jigs Required!
Why jig it when you can joint it? Forget those flimsy jigs and check out our 8″ jointer comparison ;)

1) VIDEO – Using a Jointer to Taper Legs for Furniture

2) Cutting tapers on a jointer (no jig required)

>>Using Taper Jigs: 3 How To’s
Using that taper jig might not be as simple as you thought. Or maybe you’re just simpler than you thought. Either way, these how-to’s will help you get your taper straight!

1) Using a Taper Jig

2) Video: Taper Safely

3) Cuting a taper with a Taper Jig

>> 5 Taper Jig Forum Discussions
See woodworkers in the throes of taper deficit disorder, and the trials and tribulations they face at the hands of their fellow forum goers.

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