Featherboards. Isn’t it time you made some new ones? The one you use now is probably 7 years old and more board than feather. We broke Google’s back to scour the web for free featherboard jigs to bring you the ultimate guide to feather boards.

And once you’ve built a new featherboard, mail your old one to this guy…

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1) Feather Boards: How I make them by Gord Graff

The Gord Graff featherboards are classics in the woodworking forums. In fact, they inspired their own video by Mr. Al Navas of the Sandal Woods Woodworking Blog:
Episode 5 – A wonderful featherboard (video of making Gord Graff’s design)

2) A Lexan Feather Board: A simpler method

3) A New Kind of Featherboard

4) Featherboard Strip Ripping Jig by Edwin C. Hackleman

5) Bill Pounds Feather Board Plans

6) Miter Slot Feather Boards in American Woodworker 1993

7) Featherboard Holddowns in American Woodworker 1998

8) How to Make & Use a Fingerboard

9) Simple Featherboard for a Table Saw

10) Easy-Lock Feather Board

11) Woodworking Jigs – Make Your Own Featherboards

12) How to make a Featherboard

13) Feather Boards

14) the feather board for the table saw

15) How to Make a Featherboard

16) How To Make a Featherboard.

17) Feather Boards

Featherboards n’ More:
18) Tall Featherboard

19) Indexing Jig for Making Featherboards

20) Making a featherboard hold down

21) Video: Router Table Featherboard

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