Be warned, your special someone may raid your workshop to steal your workbench and use it as a bar. That is, if the new trend at Pottery Barn starts to catch on…

Check out the Markham Console Bar:

I spotted this beauty over at WoodNet, in the thread “I’ve been commissioned

I could wax condescending all day, but I’d never match the cynical brilliance of the WoodNetters. Here are some choice quotes:

“We saw one in a Pottery barn in seattle, I don’t think anything worked on it, I looked like someone drop a bucket of glue on it.”

“>> Does the vise work? Boy I would hope so. I could use it to squeeze the lemons and limes.”

“I think I’ll incorporate a bottle opener to my tail vise when I build the bench…”

Enjoy the thread over at WoodNet: I’ve been commissioned

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