When I first read about I.D. Wood, a $2.99 reference guide to wood for the iPhone, I thought you could take a picture of grain patterns and the app would automatically figure out what kind of wood you had. While certainly a great resource, I.D. Wood can’t do that… (yet ;)…

Here’s what it does do (for the iPhone junkies out there…). I.D. Wood puts a reference guide on your iPhone. In their words: “I.D. Wood allows a user to quickly browse by Wood Samples, Species Names or Other Names to aide in quick identification.”

It has categories for woodworking properties and durability, which would make it great for folks selecting woods on the fly, at the store and/or without internet access.

It has a handfull of fans over at Woodnet in this thread: Iphone App available for Wood Lovers I.D. Wood. Here are some observations:

“seems like a waste of 3 bucks……. till I looked at the app. man it gives a lot of details. brother you just cost me 3 bucks! thanks pal!”

“Nice job on this – thanks! There is a lot of useful info for sure.”

“When you develop the app to the point that I take a picture and it presents the most likely matches, you will have a winner!”

I found this via Mr. Gaippe of ShopNotes, who blogs over at Woodworking Extras: iphone app for id’ing wood