YIKES. Wish I’d seen this one sooner to pass along… on 8-19-09 Ridgid and One World Technologies recalled the Ridgid r4511 (pdf). Yup, that sexy new granite-topped table saw’s arbor apparently can’t handle stacked dadoes and sends them flying.

“The table saw’s arbor shaft can fail when used with a stacked blade set (commonly known as a “stacked dado set” and used to cut grooves). The stacked blade set can be ejected from the saw, posing a potential laceration hazard to consumers.”

update: according to a guy who called Ridgid and then posted on a forum, it was only saws produced during a certain run. Though you should be cautious about what you read on the internet, especially when it involves the potential for serious injury or even death, you should at least call Ridgid to learn whether or not your saw is affected.

randyk over at the Ridgid Forums sums it up nicely:
“I called about the repair and was told that none of their repair sites were willing to come and do the repair. They told me my only option was to package up the saw and return it to Home Depot for another one. Package up a 600 lb. beast?

I asked if they would just send me the part and let me do the repair. They said absolutely not.

This is a nightmare to me. My saw was set up to use and now I can’t use it or get it repaired.”

This PSA courtesy of Brian Penning over at Sawmill Creek: Recall on the Ridgid R4511. The thread sums things up pretty well.

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