I got an exciting email from KnotScott the other day with some updates and some BONUS forum finds! He took some time off from working on his fireplace to send us some FORUM FINDS! Thank you Scott!

1) Freud Premier P410 Fusion Blade:
“It’s different than most 40T general purpose blades, and does some things better, but there’s also a price to pay to get that performance.”

2) Adding rip capacity to a table saw:
“There are several recent threads on TS rip capacity. I’ve read comments about “shifting” or “moving” the rails to the right to increase rip cap blade-right. I’m hoping someone here has tried this on the Griz G0690 saw and can tell me from actual experience what is involved.”

3) Lumber Storage Tips:
“Is it ok to store wood, in the unheated garage? what does this do to the moisture content?”

4) If I could tell the manufacturers what I want
“What would you wish for if you had the tool manufacturers ears? It’s very possible that this thread could even catch their attention!”

5) Changes are in the wind…be aware of what you’re buying.
“I was in HD recently and noticed a two-pack of Freud blades for around $30. I picked them up to look at them and noticed they didn’t appear to be the same quality as my Freud blades. Rough around the brazing, etc. Turned the package over and noted “Made in China.””

6) Biscuits….do you or don’t you?
“Do most of you use biscuits when edge gluing boards for top a case sides? I have been, but seems as if it gets mis-aligned rather than helping align the boards. Even cut them on my table saw top to make sure everything is flat.”

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