We recently ran a newsletter subscriber drive and donated $5 for every new sign up that occurred from the 21st of September until the 15th. Thanks so much to our new subscribers – and everyone who got the word out – you helped us reach our donation cap of $300!

I spoke with Mr. David Welter yesterday, from the College of the Redwoods, and he expressed his thanks to those who surrendered their email addresses ;) I asked him a little about how they’ll select the beneficiary of a new scholarship, and he outlined it like this:

1) There’s a staff review of scholarship applications
2) Staff looks at needs of the woodworkers
3) Staff looks for some sense of appreciation of the spirit of what Krenov promoted
4) Staff looks for a sensitivity to the craft, tools and materials

If you’d like to donate more, visit the Krenov Scholarship Donations Page on the College of the Redwoods site for instructions. Mr. Welter asked that we make checks payable to the College of the Redwoods, and put “JK Scholarship” in the memo section.

Thank you again to our new subscribers, and thanks to ToolSnob and Tom’s Workbench for getting the word out.