By combining tweets and the magic of algorithms, (beta) let me create a news feed of woodworking-related news and notes :)

I selected twitter-using woodworkers such as my pal Tom from Tom’s Workbench and the editors of Woodworker’s Journal. By looking at who THEY follow, HourlyPress discovers some great woodworking stories that otherwise would get lost in the Tweet Stream…

Here’s some great stuff that “floated by” today:
The Village Carpenter: Sauer & Steiner Planes
Wood Talk Online #60 | The Wood Whisperer Woodworking Video Podcast and Blog
My interpretation of old woodworking mallet
Marketing Your Woodworking Online
Where to Get Laminate / Formica

I’m still dialing in the calibration, but it’s worth a peek: Woodworking News and Notes from Twitter >>

I’ll be using the feed myself to find new story ideas, and cool stuff to mention here on the blog!

Thanks to the guys at for the opportunity to experiment with their software! Next I hope to be able to embed this feed on someplace ;)