Boy do I miss KnotScott’s forum coverage… I’m still hustling to find a way to keep you in touch with all the weird, wild and wooly woodworking news from around the web. My solution for now is to use my Wood Working News and Notes feed over at HourlyPress. This nifty tool finds me the most interesting woodworking posts on twitter. It’s more blog-centric than Mr. Scott, but it will have to do for now ;)

Here are my most recent finds, for about the past week or so. ENJOY!

Top 3 Woodworking Posts:
Favorite Shop Sounds – by Scott

“So, I was in the shop the other night sqaring up a few boards on the jointer and my brother was commenting on how he liked the sound of of it running and when you ran boards through it.”

Old-growth Mahogany Discovered

“In 2007, a group of scuba divers, wood experts and businessmen formed a company in Belize to salvage exotic tropical logs from the country’s waterways. That company is Greener Logs Limited. The logs being salvaged have been on the bottom of the waterways for up to 200 years and the supply is quite large. How large? In the day, trees were felled and held in the bends of the waterway to wait until a shipper, at the river’s end, was ready for a load. Then, the chains used to hold back the logs would be released and the logs traveled down the river to the shippers.”

Concrete Miter Jig – Viewer Jig

“I once thought of patenting this thing, instead, I leave it to you to air it if you wish. It’s also an expose’ on making tools out of concrete! This miter jig consists of concrete with polypropylene fibers for added strength. It describes a perfect 45 angle and the ‘table’ (piece of Corian on top) is at a dead 90 to the work.”

More You May Enjoy:
Make It Fit: Drawing Parts in Place During Design
“When you are working in the shop on a project, there comes a point where you need to shift from working off the plans to working off what you’ve already built. Doing so helps to avoid making parts that don’t fit.”

Water-Based Dyes and Pinned Tenons
“Ray has a couple of questions about water-based dyes and pinned tenons: I am building maple morris chairs and I am thinking of using water based dyes from General Finishes.”

Special Effects (Custom Video Game Controllers)
“I acquired some highly figured maple that could only be described as tiger maple. Next I formed the case. Using some of the off cuts I made a test piece with the colors he was looking at including a combination that I had come up with. Adam went with the custom color.”

101 – Low Entertainment Center Pt. 5
“This project was an incredible learning experience, and not in the way you might think. I actually found it incredibly challenging to step back from my primary shop tools, and focus only on the portable power tools.”

In Woodworking Circles and Beyond, Sam Maloof Still Draws a Crowd
“Nearly six months after his death, Sam Maloof will be among the most prominent headliners at one of the country’s largest annual craft expositions.”

Woodworking Tool Review – Dremel Plunge Router Base
“In one of my posts I jokingly chided Norm Abram, the host of the New Yankee workshop for having too many routers. As a viewer of his show, it appears that Norm has so many routers that he doesn’t have to stop and change bits, instead he changes routers.”

Bench Cookie Giveaway – Fine Woodworking
“Get a chance to win some of these. Change your avatar, post a comment, and you could be one of five lucky winners chosen at random to take home a set of Rockler Bench Cookies.”

Woodworking Industry Conference to be held
“Information on the cabinet industry, cabinetmaking and woodworking Organizers recently announced that the 2010 Woodworking Industry Conference will be held April 21-24 at the Hyatt Regency Monterey, Monterey, Calif.”