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I put together this week’s round up using Woodworking News and Notes! It scans Twitter for great woodworking stories that get shared by woodworkers. How could I resist posting a link to LumberJock dbhost and his epic quest to hot rod his Harbor Freight Bandsaw (this saw got 4 votes in the Harbor Freight buying […]

What, is this early Christmas for or something? KnotScott’s back with some great forum finds! In this collection of links from around the wide world of woodworking forums KnotScott brings us an assumption-challenging debate on the use of table saws as jointers, tips on building your own router plate and ideas for cleaning your […]

Wood Working News and Notes discovers great woodworking articles from around the web! Here are the “best of the best” for this week, including a solemn but funny Veteran’s Day post, an awesome wheel-in-the-leg solution to a mobile workbench, an astounding build notes and pics collection by John Fry, and Popular Woodworking’s runners up for […]

My baby boy turns 2 weeks old this Friday (stealth gloat) :) I dedicate this free-plan collection to all the new woodworking parents and grandparents (hi Dad!) out there who want to make a lasting contribution to their family “environment.” As Gustav Stickley said (according to Chris Schwarz) “Gustav Stickley wrote about the influence of […]