Our regular shoppers won’t notice a huge difference on the surface – our power tool search will work just like you’re used to, and we look just about the same as before our relaunch…

pic by pcw

Here’s what’s really going to stand out to you about our relaunch… it’s what’s happening behind the scenes for our shoppers:

1) Get Free shipping (through Christmas) on orders over $99
That’s right, for a limited time we’re shipping your orders over $99 for FREE. No Black Friday tool deals, just free shipping on orders over $99 ;)

2) Call 888-4TOOLCRIB (888-486-6527) to order by phone
You can call us, talk to us and order by phone to get our great deals on power tools!

3) We’re taking your calls 7 days a week
You can call us when it’s most convenient for you! Call us and try us out!

4) Technical phone support
Call us and a technical specialist can answer your power tool questions.

5) Spanish speaking customer service!
I’m not even going to pretend like I can speak Spanish. Our operators can and do though, and we’d love to hear from folks who prefer to buy power tools in Spanish!

Bonus Fact:
6) Follow us on Twitter: @ToolCribCom