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Though my math muscles still ache from the workout I gave them calculating how many years visitors spent on the site in 2009, I busted out my maths again for this compilation :) You guys kept our servers hopping last year – here are the non-plan posts that got the most visitors… (If you […]

Here’s the horn… hold on while I toot it for a minute :) In 2009 we had 958,265 “absolute unique visitors.” The average time on site for each visitor is 01:57 – that’s one minute and fifty seven seconds. Collectively, that means you spent 1297 days on our site, or 3.5 years (at least […]

Tireless. Relentless. Enduring all obsticles to bring you… 15 awesome woodworking blog posts! You won’t believe your eyes this week ladies and gentle men. What we have here is nothing short of jaw droppingly spectacular. From the tape measure ninja being a pest on the jobsite to the crazies who get tools tattooed forever, this […]

Your clicks don’t lie :) We counted every single one of your clicks to rank the tools you loved the most in 2009. One click equals one vote in the rankings below. Note – these are ONLY based on your clicks in the blog, not from our Power Tool Store. Without further ado I give […]