We got word of the new Bosch MR23EVS router via Popular Woodworking: First Look: Bosch’s New Router Kit. You should also check out First Look: No Vibration with Bosch’s New Router. My sources tell me it’s coming in at $320 – I’ll let you know when we have them in!

From those two blog posts from Mr. Glen D. Huey I lifted “6 innovations of the new Bosch MR23EVS Router Kit”:

1) “a trigger-control system that puts the on/off switch in the handle of the fixed base of the router and not just the plunge or D-handle bases as other companies have done.”

2) “Instead of twisting the router motor to make height adjustments, you have to make changes in the cutting height as you do when using a trim router.”

3) “The handles on the fixed base are similar to those on the plunge base – easy to grip and comfortable.”

4) “The cord connection is offset to the motor and on a swivel that keeps the cord out of the view of the cut line.”

5) “A few companies have lights placed somewhere on the cord to indicate there is power to the tool when the tool is plugged in. Bosch has taken that concept a bit further and located twin lights (LED) in the bottom of the motor. There they shine on the work area, too.”

6) “Both bases come with a clear polycarbonate sub-base, for a better view of your workpiece.”

Very Low Vibrations from the Bosch MR23EVS

Let’s hope the new Bosch router doesn’t go the way of Ridgid’s ill-fated r4511 ;)

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