Here’s the horn… hold on while I toot it for a minute :) In 2009 we had 958,265 “absolute unique visitors.” The average time on site for each visitor is 01:57 – that’s one minute and fifty seven seconds.

Collectively, that means you spent 1297 days on our site, or 3.5 years (at least that’s what my abacus tells me).

In 2008 we had 383,226 “absolute unique visitors” who spent an average of 02:24 on the site (whats’a matter, my spelling get worse in 2009?).

In 2008 you spent 638 days, or 1.75 years worth of time.

Thank you, readers, for making 2009 such an amazing year!

(I did the math wrong at first and got 213 years… Thank goodness I was wrong or you would have had no shop time at all. I got it right using this time converter calculator…)

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