Though my math muscles still ache from the workout I gave them calculating how many years visitors spent on the site in 2009, I busted out my maths again for this compilation :) You guys kept our servers hopping last year – here are the non-plan posts that got the most visitors…

(If you want plans, check out Free Woodworking Plans: 47 Free Woodworking Plan Collections from or’s Top 44 Free Plans of 2009.)

1) Buyer Beware, A Harbor Freight Buying Guide: The Good Enough, The Bad and the Abysmal
48,877 Pageviews

2) Table Saw Fence Buying Guide: Biesemeyer vs. Unifence vs. Vega vs. Incra
21,459 Pageviews

3) What’s the Best Band Saw? Benchtop vs. 14 Inch vs. 17 Inch vs. 18 Inch
21,101 Pageviews

4) A Table Saw Buying Guide: Benchtop vs Contractor vs Cabinet vs Hybrid
18,839 Pageviews

5) Top 10 Hybrid Table Saws: Craftsman vs. Grizzly vs. Steel City vs. Jet and MORE!
16,041 Pageviews

6) Power Tool Battery Repair: Resources for Rebuilding Your Rechargeable Batteries
13,629 Pageviews

7) Best 14″ Bandsaws: Grizzly vs. Rikon vs. Powermatic vs. Laguna and More
12,700 Pageviews

8) Top 5 Most Popular Random Orbit Sanders
11,754 Pageviews

9) How it Leaked, Why it’s HOT: The New Ridgid R4511 Granite Top Hybrid Table Saw
10,279 Pageviews

10) Cyclone Dust Collectors: Gorilla vs. Clear Vue vs. Grizzly
10,193 Pageviews

11) Top Five 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saws of 2009
9,210 Pageviews

12) Best Impact Drill/Driver?
7,870 Pageviews

13) DIY Table Saw Alternative: EZ Guide + Circular Saw
9,057 Pageviews

14) The 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Showdown: PC vs. HF vs. Bostich vs. Senco and MORE!
7,652 Pageviews

15) The New Delta Unisaw Roundup: Video + Pics + First Response from Woodworkers
7,642 Pageviews

16) DIY Carbide Saw Blade Sharpening + 4 Blade Sharpening Services
7,606 Pageviews

17) Top 7 Cordless Circular Saw Comparison: Makita vs. DeWalt vs. Milwaukee and MORE!
7,114 Pageviews

18)’s Ultimate Guide to the Top Ten Most Dangerous Woodworking Power Tools
7,520 Pageviews

19) Grizzly Tools – What is Your Opinion?
7,334 Pageviews

20) Sawstop vs. Powermatic PM 2000 in the Professional Wood Shop
7,213 Pageviews

21) Building Your Own Drum, Belt or Thickness Sander
6,959 Pageviews

22) Lumber Salvage: The Top 10 Sources for Cheap, Free and Recycled Wood
6,950 Pageviews

23) Woodworking with Pallets: A Guide to Finding, Breaking Down and Building with Pallets
6,921 Pageviews

24) Woodshop Dust Collection on a Budget
6,448 Pageviews

25) The Top 5 Woodworking Magazines (and the 22 Runners Up)
6,201 Pageviews

26) Hitachi vs. Bosch vs. Makita: Making the Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Decision
6,179 Pageviews

27) Track Saw Smackdown: Festool vs. EurekaZone vs. DeWalt vs. Makita
6,172 Pageviews

28) Best Router Bits: Whiteside vs. Freud vs. Eagle America and MORE
5,502 Pageviews

29) Top 9 Woodworking Shop Vac Smack Down: Ridgid vs. Festool vs. Fein and More
5,328 Pageviews