The results are in, folks! And yes, to the overly precise and mathematically inclined, we did indeed skip December of 2009’s stats to bring you’s Top 44 Free Plans of 2009!

Here’s how many times the top 44 plans placed in 6 different categories:
Sawhorse Plans: 12 places
Router Table Plans: 9 places
Workbench Plans: 8 places
Picnic Table Plans: 7 places
Cat Tree Plans: 3 places
Kids’ Playset Plans: 3 places

We based our results on the number of times that YOU, the gentle reader clicked on each plan! Enjoy :)

1) Kids Wooden Playset: We Sent 9,217 Visits

2) Table Top Router Plans: We Sent 7,737 Visits

3) the Ultimate Wood Sawhorse: We Sent 7,209 Visits

4) Roy Underhill’s Sawhorse Design: We Sent 6,996 Visits

5) A Picnic Table that Folds into 2 Park Benches: We Sent 6,828 Visits

6) Bench Top Router Table: We Sent 6,484 Visits

7) Chris Schwarz Sawbench: We Sent 6,058 Visits

8) The Classic Sawhorse: We Sent 5,819 Visits

9) The Cheapest, Easiest, Ugliest, Most Functional Saw Horse Known to Mankind: We Sent 5,690 Visits

10) A Router Table for Woodworkers: We Sent 5,665 Visits

11) Frank Pellow’s Woodworking Bench Project: We Sent 5,387 Visits

12) Rolling Router Work Bench: We Sent 5,071 Visits

13) The World’s Best $6 Sawhorse?: We Sent 5,034 Visits

14) Making Your Own Cat Tree: We Sent 5,004 Visits

15) How to Build a Wooden Picnic Table: We Sent 4,795 Visits

16) Classic Picnic Table from The Woodworker’s Journal: We Sent 4,691 Visits

17) Hexagonal (six sided) BBQ picnic table: We Sent 4,667 Visits

18) Professional Router Table: We Sent 4,602 Visits

19) The 14-Minute Sawhorse: We Sent 4,565 Visits

20) How to Build an Outdoor Picnic Table – Hexagonal: We Sent 4,547 Visits

21) a functional, strong and elegant sawhorse: We Sent 4,541 Visits

22) THE SHELTERED TABLE: We Sent 4,518 Visits

23) Building a Basic Workbench: We Sent 4,473 Visits

24) How to Build a Double-Decker Playhouse: We Sent 4,371 Visits

25) Knock-Down Sawhorses: We Sent 4,287 Visits

26) Simple Sawhorse: We Sent 4,251 Visits

27) The Best Workbench in Town: We Sent 4,219 Visits

28) Router Table-Mate: We Sent 4,174 Visits

29) Floor Standing Router Table: We Sent 4,172 Visits

30) Stackable sawhorse plans: We Sent 4,145 Visits

31) Mobile Carpenter’s Bench from Tim Carter: We Sent 3,914 Visits

32) The All-American Picnic Table: We Sent 3,908 Visits

33) Cat Condo Plans by Bertus Greeff: We Sent 3,794 Visits

34) Fold-Away Router Table: We Sent 3,747 Visits

35) Fort Playhouse: We Sent 3,626 Visits

36) Making Your Own Routertable, Easily!: We Sent 3,612 Visits

37) Build your own cat tree: We Sent 3,600 Visits

38) FIVE-LEGGED SAWHORSE: We Sent 3,598 Visits

39) The Simple Home Shop Workbench: We Sent 3,594 Visits

40) wide topped sawhorses: We Sent 3,422 Visits

41) Simple Router Table (workmate topper): We Sent 3,390 Visits

42) Build An Easy Workbench: We Sent 3,263 Visits

43) Minimalist Router Table: We Sent 3,222 Visits

44) Build a Classic Workbench: We Sent 3,184 Visits

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