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Does anyone cut coves on their table saws anymore? Something tells me it’s a dying art – Popular Mechanics from the 50’s and 60’s wrote about it several times but it’s dropped off since then in the woodworking and handyman mags. Anyhow, I hope this collection is useful to those who plan to cut their […]

Mortise and tenons have a noble heritage – woodworkers have used them for thousands of years to make great joints. And without tables saws too, much less table saw tenon jigs ;P We’re gonna leave you hanging when it comes to mortising, but we’ve got you covered on the TENONS!!! Without further ado, 13 Tenon […]

Reheat that cup of coffee and make sure the boss isn’t looking… this week’s roundup is a doozie! We’ve got Popular Woodworking’s Best New Tools of 2009, with a ton of hand tools… and a few tools for real woodworkers (just kidding Neaderthals!). Then we’ve got a real treasure of the internet, free videos from […]

Many people choose circular saws + guides for big rips. They’re great, actually, especially for cutting down sheet goods. But what about ripping big boards into multiple thin, precise strips? Well, that puts you in table saw territory buddy. This plan collection will have you cutting skinny strips like a pro.