Does anyone cut coves on their table saws anymore? Something tells me it’s a dying art – Popular Mechanics from the 50’s and 60’s wrote about it several times but it’s dropped off since then in the woodworking and handyman mags.

Anyhow, I hope this collection is useful to those who plan to cut their own molding or have other cove needs in their woodworking projects!


>> 6 Cove Cutting Jigs and How-To’s
1) Build a Cove Jig (American Woodworker 1989)

2) Cove Cutting on the Table Saw (Popular Mechanics 1954)

3) Cove cutting on the table saw

4) Cutting Coves on a Table Saw (Popular Mechanics 1985)

5) Cutting a Cove (Popular Mechanics 1961)

6) Make your own: Cove Moulding

>> 4 Cove Cutting Calculators
1) Cove cutting table calculator
2) Cove Cut Calculator
3) Cove Angle Calculator
4) Cove Cutter 1.0 (.exe)

>> From the Forums
Cove Molding on a Table Saw