We waste way too much time on the internet… so YOU can spend your time on the very best of the woodworking web! This week features some amazing stories. Tops in my book is the look of joy on that little girl’s face when she sees what her dad made for her. I hope you enjoy this roundup from the blogs! If you’re hungry for more, scroll to the very bottom.

1) Christmas Joy: Woodworking Mission Accomplished
I couldn’t pass up this amazing picture, posted up at the Kreg Jig Forum. It captures the joy of Christmas for woodworkers, which is creating joy for those we love.

2) palt Your Own Lumber: Dissecting the Colored Molds
“Ah, molds. They make us sneeze, can give nasty infections in immunocompromised people, and are responsible for some of the most brilliant colors on wood. The big trick in utilizing molds for spalting is knowing which to use, which to avoid, and what safety precautions to take if you decide to use some of the more irritating varieties.”
Sara Robinson of http://www.northernspalting.com/

3) Podcast #41: Table Saw Set Up & Maintenance
“Vince Ancona takes us step-by-step through his routine for accurate set up and maintenance of a table saw. By the end of the seminar, you’ll have learned how to vastly improve the quality of the cuts you make with your table saw.”

4) Secrets for Perfect Grooves with Your Router
“When it comes to making snug-fitting grooves, I only have two requirements: The groove must be sized accurately and the edges should be crisp and square. Many times, I turn to the router table to get the job done. The main reason is even an ordinary straight bit will give you a crisp, flat-bottomed groove.”

5) Cheap Home Made Router Lift
“Vetus over at Instructables posted his homemade ultra cheap router lift. It’s very similar to the one I fabricated for my Porter Cable plunge router. The big difference is mine required more machining welding and fabrication. Vetus did a great job of simplifying the process.”

6) Roy Arnold – An Era Passes
“Jane Rees let me know of the passing of Roy Arnold. To some, his name is either new or seen only on books. To many, Roy Arnold was one of the progenitors of the world of antique tools.”
See also: http://www.royarnold.com/

7) Mystery Cube in a Cube Puzzle Video
We found this fun and quick woodworking project on YouTube by Steve Marin to make a cube within a cube using just a drill press and square block of wood.

8) Use Playing Cards to Micro-Adjust Your Tablesaw Fence
“To make a cut on the money, I make a test cut in scrap and check the measurement. Then, I slide a wooden block against the inboard or outboard side of the fence — depending on which way I need to adjust the cut — and clamp the block to the saw table. Next, I loosen the fence, insert a playing card or two between the block and the fence, relock the fence, and make another test cut.”

9) Gotta Clever Cabinet Saw Caption?
“When Field Editor Chris Marshall sent us this photo of the collection of Cabinet Saws in his shop preparing for the review you’ll find in our February issue, the completely ridiculous image just begged for a fun caption.”

10) IWF 2010 registration is open
“Use the discounted code “Twitter” to register and save on the International Woodworking Fair.”

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