As usual, KnotScott knocks it out of the park (with a bat he made himself ;)! If your hunting for dados then stop by his first find, which reveals the most popular of the top dado offerings. Also up for debate – push sticks vs. the grr-ripper… Survey says it’s not much of a contest! And in the “so-crazy-it-might-work” department you have to check out the guy who’s going to try his still-working air hockey table as an outfeed table.


1) the Great Dado Debates
Wow. The results are clear from this poll… If you’re dado shopping then look no further!

2) Push sticks vs. GRR-ripper
Shop made push sticks vs. the store bought GRR-ripper. It’s a tough fight, but if you review our push stick plans I think you’ll know which side we’re on here at! ;)

3) Old Air Hockey Table for an Outfield Table
“I have a large air hockey table my kids no longer use. It has been taking up space against the wall in my garage for way too long and although it is fully functional, I was going to put it out by the curb. Then it hit me! The surface would make a great outfeed table for my table saw. With the edge of the table removed and powered on, the sheet goods would just glide over it effortlessly. Has anyone given anything like this a try? Do you think it would be worthwhile? Should I give it a go?”

4) Wood Selection for Workbench
“I’m planning to build myself a proper workbench primarily for handtool use in the near future, but I’m having trouble choosing the right wood for it. I know that you guys mainly suggest to use hard maple, but unfortunately that’s not widely available here in Denmark. Beech is – and was my suppliers first suggestion, but I just don’t like the look of beech. Can you suggest other wood species suited for a workbench?”
Check out our free workbench plan collection >>

5) 10″ bandsaw…..craftsman v rikon…same saw??
“There’s some debate about whether this if really true or is “internet fact”, but I’m of the impression that Richen Enterprises makes at least some of the Craftsman bandsaws…they also own Rikon. I checked parts lists on the 14″ a while back, and did find that the majority of parts were the same. What the means…I dunno, but the majority of owners of the 10″, 12″ and 14″ Cman seem happy with the machine.”

6) Grizzly Ships to Canada!
As Frank Pellow says: “That’s the good news. The bad news is that they insist on shipping by UPS and will not use the “regular” US and Canadian postal services. UPS is well known for ripping off Canadians with exorbitant administrative fees when they ship across the boarder. I, for one, will never knowingly use them again. By the way Fedex is just as bad.”
Check out Frank Pellow’s Workshop >>

7) Parallel Clamps – Jet vs Bessey
“was going to pull the trigger on some Bessey clamps, but a local store has Jet 40 and 50” clamps at a good price. I’m not familair with Jet clamps, but they look substantial… any thoughts??”

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