Thanks to the magic algorithm at HourlyPress, we bring you our fantastic finds from around the world of woodworking! Highlights include the free drawer pull plans – man those things are handy! Also be sure to check out the Scratch Awl Class from WoodZone – those WoodZone “igits” are cranking out some amazing build notes and tutorials these days, not to mention a great forum. Also, be sure to check out the woodworking guest post over at Tom’s WorkBench – it’s a great description of one man’s love of woodworking.


1) Shop-Made Drawer Pull

“When it’s time to choose drawer or door pulls for a project, there’s an option that’s often overlooked. Rather than buy something off the shelf or order from a catalog, save the cash and make you own pulls.”

2) WoodworkersZone Scratch Awl Class Part 1
WoodZone Woodworkers Scratch Awl Class Part 2
“Welcome to the Handmade Scratch Awl Tutorial. This will be section one of two, and it will cover turned handles and round shafts. The second section will cover bandsawn handles and twisted, hex and square shafts. This project came to mind after I saw the very fine scratch awls that were published in the ShopNotes #99 issue. ”

3) What I Love About Woodworking: “Here’s how I’d do that…”
“One of the things I love about getting together with other woodworkers, either in person, or online, is discussing methods of work. It often seems as though there are as many different ways of tackling a problem, as there are woodworkers to discuss it.”

4) Thin Strip Jig.
6 3/4″ long 4″ wide, 3/4″ stock 1/16″-1 1/4″ Travel (great pics! worth checking out)

5) The MDF of the 19th Century?
“In college I had a girlfriend who was half Japanese, half German and entirely unpredictable. And for a kid raised in Arkansas, she was quite the exotic Axis-power antidote to my small-town upbringing.”

6) Spoken Wood Podcast No.5
“Today’s episode of The Spoken Wood Podcast is “Brooklyn Vise Squad” by Ron Hock of The Sharpening Blog”

7) A Curly maple Jewelry Cabinet
“We recently finished this curly maple jewelry cabinet. It has eight removable, velvet bottomed, removeable sidehung drawers/trays with removable dividers, a stool, and a mirror inside. It was an interesting and challenging project.”

8) Foolproof Method for Cleaning Dirty Brushes
“After wiping off the excess finish, rinse the brush in thinner several times. Then wrap the brush in a towel (Fig. 1).”

9) Display the Book Stand: Free Plans
“Many people who have a number of books on display in their homes like to use book stands to show off their favorites. Coffee table books, with their beautiful layout and often breathtaking photography are commonly displayed on a book stand.”

10) Plywood as Flooring
“The first problem I run into is that I have just over 1000 square foot per floor. I’m not sure I can handle ripping 35 pieces of plywood and running over 200 pieces through the tongue and groove process. Let’s not forget finishing 1000 square foot of plywood seems like a daunting task.”

11) New DVD – Wood Whisperer Guild Best of 2009
“I have assembled a two-disc DVD set containing 15 videos and over 5 1/2 hours of Guild content, called “The Wood Whisperer Guild Best of 2009. The DVD’s are coming in early next week, but we are having a special 10% OFF pre-order sale. So act now to take advantage of the lower price.”

12) Book Giveaway: Made By Hand by Tom Fidgen (NOT a ToolCrib contest – follow the link to enter!)
“Made by Hand: Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop by Tom Fidgen is a book about building furniture with hand tools. Leave a comment on this post by 12:01am Eastern Time, Monday, February 8, 2010, and you might just win this book.”