So… I hope you didn’t start one of the workbench plans from last week, because I’ve got a BOATLOAD of new workbench plans for you :)

Thanks to the Google Book Project‘s tireless scanning efforts, I assembled a list of workbench plans from days gone by. Many are from the “Popular” brand (Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, etc), but I did find several GEMS from American Woodworker. One of the neatest is a work bench from a magazine from 1882… Be sure to check out the section below with Camouflaged workbench plans – there was a trend in the 60s and again in the 80s for workbenches that blend in with living room furniture.

So I’m not sure what’s more awesome – all these plans, or some of the incredible pictures from yesteryear ;) Also – a word of warning – all the links go to full scans of the magazines. I got sucked into more than one of them, enjoying woodworking ads from the 50’s :) ENJOY!

>> 5 Standout Workbenches: Cherries, Beauties and Gems
>> 5 Workbenches for Woodworkers and Craftsmen
>> 4 Basic, Every Day, No-Shame-in-That Workbench Plans
>> 5 “Camouflaged” Workbench Plans
>> 2 Space-Saving/Portable Workbenches
>> 3 Advice/Text Only Workbench Resources

>> 5 Standout Workbenches: the Cherries, Beauties and Gems
These beauties stood out to me, either for their extreme age or extreme awesomeness… Top of the list of course is the workbench from 1882, from a magazine that appears to be a spin off or predecessor to the popular mechanics magazines in the US. Check it out – there’s no telling what tips for workbench building you might pick up from their write up! And then… what woodworker could possibly resist the sideboard workbench in the living room? Or the wedge-based bench with no fasteners? WOW! Amazing stuff!

1) The Work-Bench (English Mechanic and World of Science 1882)

2) Sideboard Workbench (Popular Science 1989)

3) Wedge-Based Workbench (American Woodworker 1999)

4) Plywood-Top Workbench (American Woodworker 1994)

5) A Double Workbench for the Country School (Industrial-Arts Magazine 1919)

>> 5 Workbenches for Woodworkers and Craftsmen
This sturdy crop of workbenches should appeal to most woodworkers and craftsmen. The last two feature cabinets that go above the bench itself for yet more storage…

6) Build a Better Workbench (American Woodworker 1997)

7) No-Bull Bench (American Woodworker 1991)

8) The PM Craftsman’s Workbench (Popular Mechanics 1981)

9) Lock-Up Workbench Protects Your Tools (Popular Science 1965)

10) the Master Craftsman’s Workbench (Popular Mechanics 1980)

>> 4 Basic, Every Day, No-Shame-in-That Workbench Plans
Sometimes you just need four legs and a top. There’s nothing wrong with that and there are lots of plans that will help you achieve this goal!

11) Build an Easy Workbench (Popular Mechanics 2003)

12) A Workbench for the Amateur (Popular Mechanics 1910)

13) Work Benches You Can Build (Popular Mechanics 1934)

14) Work Bench (Shop projects based on community problems 1918)

>> 5 “Camouflaged” Workbench Plans
Shhh… be very, very quiet… I’m woodworking in the living room, while the inlaws watch sponge bob with the kids… These “Camo” workbenches blend in with the rest of your room’s decor. Don’t worry – no one will know that you’re secretly a woodworker ;)

15) Living Room Workbench (Popular Science 1966)

16) Secretary Shop (Popular Science 1989)

17) Beginner’s Bench (Popular Science 1989)

18) Work Benches in Dress Suits (Popular Science 1946)

19) How to Build a Desk-Workbench for a Youngster (Popular Science 1969)

>> 2 Space-Saving/Portable Workbenches
Get a move on! Take these workbenches with you wherever your work takes you!

20) the Collapsible Workbench (Popular Mechanics 1984)

21) Portable Tool Chest and Workbench (Popular Mechanics 1918)

>> 3 Advice/Text Only Workbench Resources
Workbench Made from Old Piano (Popular Science 1916)
Workbench Woods (American Woodworker 1989)
How to Make a Workbench (The amateur carpenter 1915)