KnotScott does it again folks – he is the pulse of the woodworking forum world! From router fences, to cleaning router bits to plunge router selections, he’s got you covered! There’s even some advice on clamp selection thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

1) Best Router Fence
It sounds to me like there’s a major quest underway. Here’s the OP’s call for help: “I have seen Woodpeckers fence, the Incra LS, the Kreg system. I have seen very nice work come from men using each system. I have seen nice work from home made systems. Can anyone tell me what is the best system for versatility, repeatability, and quality construction?”

3 pages of replies will definitely help steer you in the right direction.

2) Cleaning Router Bits
James Brown asks a great question over at the Family’s site: “What is the best way to clean built up wood tar or resin from router bits.”

Alongside that help-packed thread, I’d like to recommend: the Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Saw Blades and Router Bits.

3) Clamps, Clamps, and More Clamps!
Rule #1 – you can never have enough clamps. Rule #2 – see rule #1. Cheek aside, there’s a great question that starts this thread: “The Bessy clamp has small ridges in the bar to catch, the Jorgensons just bite into the bar much as a pipe clamp does, and there is the pipe clamps. Are any one better than the others? Are they all pretty much the same? Is all preference? What do you all think?”

Also check out 13 Free Clamp Storage Plans.

4) Do You Really Get What You Pay For?
LumberJocks is usually a pretty relaxed place with relatively few fist fights. This thread opens up more than one difficult can of worms with the assertion that: “I have been an HF customer for many years and so far I always have been satisfied with the tools I bought there. I believe that most tools that we buy today are of comparable quality and performance except may be for the very high end (that I cannot afford)”

That’s right – this guy just said his Harbor Freight tool set beats everyone’s except for maybe Festool. There are some good suggestions here for the Harbor Freight Buying Guide

5) Best Table Saw Fence Alignment System
Getting your blade aligned is a tough, sometimes arduous process. The tools discussed in this thread will help you get your blade straight!

6) Plunge Routers
This guy is great at summing up what information he needs from his fellow Creekers. Here’s a snip: “I’m not looking for anything fancy or expensive (so no Festool). I’d like to keep it under $150 – $200 if possible. I see that DeWalt does sell a plunge base for the 616 router, but it’s over $100 at Amazon, which seems like a lot. Any recommendations would be appreciated.”

Check out the great recommendations, but also how Dave asks his question. It’s a great model for giving complete details!

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