KnotScott knows what’s hot in the world of woodworking, and he’s got the forum picks to prove it! This week you’ll enjoy marveling at the picture frame assembled inside of a whiskey bottle – how did they do it? Also, the sobering results of the first ever non-occupational table saw injury study. Are you doing everything you can to stay safe on your table saw? We hope you’ll enjoy!

1) Woodworking in a Bottle! See It To Believe It!
Even if you see it, you won’t believe it. The funny(?!) thing is – he broke the first one before delivery. Maybe it had something to do with the liquid previously contained in the bottle?

2) Table Saw Injuries – A link to the first study on non-occupational table saw injuries.
There are 31,500 table saw injuries a year in the US. Don’t be a part of that statistic! Check out this forum thread and read the article they link to there!

3) Tips on Making Your Table Saw As Safe As It Can Be
You can always be safer with your table saw. Always. Check out this thread for some great tips!

4) What’s A Router Centering Cone For?
Don’t let the mystery remain any longer – find out the uses for a router centering cone.

5) How Important Is It To Unclamp After Glueing?
How long should you leave the clamps on? Does it make a difference in your projects? Read this thread to learn what other woodworkers think!

6) Problems With Dado Stack Shims:
Are you having trouble getting a tight dado stack? Check out this thread for tips!

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