Wait… Are you SURE you’re shopping for portable table saws because it’s a space issue? Have you tried looking over our 17 garage shop organization plans? Ok… you’re back and you know you want a portable table saw.

But WAIT! Have you made a list of your upcoming projects and got confident that you don’t just need a track saw?

Ok so you’re comfortable with a LOUD universal motor and that fact that your next purchase after the saw will be a high-accuracy table saw fence… And you DEFINITELY want a portable saw. Then you will need our 8 Free Benchtop and Contractor Table Saw Workstation and Outfeed Table Plans and Getting the Most Out of Your Benchtop or Contractor Table Saw

Also, you will need our list of the top 7 portable table saws :)

To build this list we looked through recommendations in 10 different woodworking forums. Keep in mind the forum members: woodworkers… These saws are generally designed for jobsites and hobbyist woodworkers are going to (typically) have different opinions and preferences than contractors. What I mean is, you could get an entirely different top 7 list if you went to contractors.

1) Bosch 4100: 32 Recommendations
Bosch wins it in a TIGHT race with the widely-lauded and well-loved Ridgid. Most everything I saw says you can’t go wrong with a Bosch. If you go reconditioned you can typically find them under $450 (2010).

Bosch Reconditioned 4100 10″ Worksite Table Saw

Review: 5 Stars for the Application! -1 for limitations when it comes to fine work
Bosch 4100DG-09 10″ Worksite Saw
Accessories: Bosch 4100 TS – Zero-Clearance Inserts

2) Ridgid: 28 Recommendations
The Ridgid portable saws got LOTS of love from the woodworking forums. Like the Bosch, you can’t go wrong!

Ridgid TS2410LS 14648 10-Inch Portable Table Saw with Stand

Frequently Mentioned Models:

3) DeWalt Jobsite Saw: 16 Recommendations
Dewalt Factory-Reconditioned 10″ Compact Jobsite Table Saw
DeWalts consistently got lots and lots of love too – especially from the contractor crowd.

DeWalt = Favorite of Reviewer at Tools of the Trade

4) Get a used/reconditioned hybrid or contractor saw: 13 Recommendations
You can’t shake a (push) stick in a portable table saw thread without getting several recommendations for shopping Craigslist for a used hybrid or cabinet table saw.
Top 10 Hybrid Table Saws: Craftsman vs. Grizzly vs. Steel City vs. Jet and MORE!
Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Powermatic 66 Table Saw

5) Ryobi/Craftsman Benchtop Saw: 9 Recommendations
Ryobi Benchtop Saw
img from LJ Ferstler

Frequently Mentioned Models:
Ryobi BT3100
Craftsman 21806
Review: Ryobi 10-inch, folding-stand portable table saw, BTS20
Check out BT3000 Central

6) a tracksaw system: 7 Recommendations
Dewalt 6-1/2″ TrackSaw Kit w/ 59″ Track

Track Saw Smackdown: Festool vs. EurekaZone vs. DeWalt vs. Makita

7) Hitachi Benchtop: 4 Recommendations
Hitachi C10RA3 15 amp 10-inch Benchtop Table Saw

note: c10fr reported in forums to be a bum saw.

8) Makita 10 Inch Table Saw: 3 Recommendations
Makita Factory-Reconditioned 10″ Table Saw w/ Stand

9) JET JBTS10BT3: 3 Recommendations
Jet JBTS-10BT-3, 10″ Left Tilt Bench Top Table Saw w/ 41″ Work Surface

Review: JET 708315BTC 10″ Bench top Table Saw

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