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KnotScott recently found a great thread at SawMillCreek: Buying Lumber Online that discussed good sources for wood on the internet. The Creekers made some online store recommendations and it got me wondering if woodworkers at other forums had any recommendations to make… After wearing Google out, we found 10 forum threads that discussed the best […]

What does the future hold for the table saw? Why does Porter-Cable’s new table saw give KnotScott deja-vu? What’s the most commonly-owned table saw? These questions AND MORE get answered in this week’s issue of KnotScott’s Forum Finds! Stay tuned for next week… or scroll down to the bottom and check out all the past […]

The field of plunge routers has some incredibly strong favorites… Especially in the woodworking forums! We dug through plunge router discussions at six different woodworking forums to help shed some light on the “best plunge router” out there. We’ve covered trim routers before in the Top 16 Trim Routers, so that leaves us with fixed […]