Some portable belt sanders come ready to clamp down to your work bench and sand like mini stationary belt sanders. For the rest of us, we have these nifty belt sanding jigs and stands! The tool sharpeners out there will appreciate the tool sharpening stands – get your angles right and you can get your tools super sharp!


1) Belt Sander Jig

2) Belt Sander Stand

3) Tool Rest for a Belt Sander for Sharpening

4) Sander Jig Popular Mechanics Nov 1983

5) Tool Sharpening With a Belt Sander Popular Science Oct 1985

6) Belt sander / sharpening jig

7) Belt sander stand, made with 4 pieces of scrap steel.

8) Belt sander jig

9) Pic, no plans at woodzone:

10) Use Bench Vises, Workmates and Clamps

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