Routing without a lift is a hassle. You’ll find yourself using that router more if you have a lift! …and you’ll find that you have a lift at a great price if you build one yourself ;) We searched up and down the halls of the internet to bring you this collection of 8 free router lift plans!

Router Lift Plans and Build Notes

Some of these gems are more build notes than actual plans. There’s more than one way to lift a router, and we think you’ll find some great inspiration from these fine folks.

1) Niki’s Router Lift – under the table

(RRIP Niki… Route and Rest in Peace)

2) Shop-Made Router Lift

3) Eagle Lake Motorized Router Lift

Part 1 – Motorized Router Lift Wiring – Introduction and Overview

Part 2- Motorized Router Lift Wiring – wiring cont. and control panel

4) $2 In-Table Router Lift

5) Poor Mans router lift

6) Ultra-cheap router lift

7) Home Made router lift #1: Home Made Router Lift

HomeMade Router Lift and Table with Fence

8) Router Lift (have to email him to get it)

Forum Sources and Related Conversations

We found these threads useful in finding great router table lift plans and ideas!
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Router table (kind of)
Router Table and Lift: Designs and ideas for a smoothly functioning router workstation.
Homemade Router Lifts
Poor Man’s Router Lift Question
Router Lift – the “How to” story

More Router Table Video Madness

Enjoy these videos as you go about planning your router table lift.

Wooden router lift, with gears by Matthias Wandel

Plans for Matthias Wandel’s incredible lift are a mere $11 >>
Matthias Wandel’s notes on building his router lift

Shop Made Router Lift Demo

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