Our “man on the streets” and woodworking forum regular KnotScott just sent me an exciting rumor he discovered in the Ridgid forum… Home Depot may be bringing back the Ridgid R4511 granite-topped table saw!

RidgidForum.com member “Jeep Man” reported on a conversation he had with his “local ridgid rep” in Kansas. Jeep Man said: “[My Ridgid rep at Home Depot] stated that HD asked Ridgid to bring back a stationary TS around the $500 pricepoint. Ridgid responded by bringing back the r4511. He showed me his manifest which shows 4 new 4511’s coming to my local store.”

Also, the returning R4511 “will most definitely keep the granite top.”

This *could* just be in Kansas – we have no way of knowing that, and no PR contacts at either Home Depot or Ridgid.

My only regret is that I didn’t get one when they were under $300 on clearance!

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