The field of plunge routers has some incredibly strong favorites… Especially in the woodworking forums! We dug through plunge router discussions at six different woodworking forums to help shed some light on the “best plunge router” out there.

We’ve covered trim routers before in the Top 16 Trim Routers, so that leaves us with fixed routers and router kits! Stay tuned :)

Dewalt: 21 Total Brand Votes
Dewalt 621 2 HP EVS Plunge Router: 16 Votes

Dewalt 621 Fww Review

Dewalt 625 3 HP Plunge Router: 5 Votes

Festool: 9 Total Brand Votes
Festool OF 2200 Plunge Router: 5 Votes

Festool OF 2200 FWW Review

Festool OF 1400 EQ Plunge Router: 4 Votes

Festool OF 1400 FWW Review

Freud: 5 Total Brand Votes
Freud FT3000: 3 Votes

Freud FT2200: 2 Votes

Triton: 4 Total Brand Votes
Triton – M0F001KC 2-1/4 HP Plunge Router: 4 Votes

Triton – M0F001KC FWW Review

Makita: 4 Total Brand Votes
Makita 3-1/4 HP Plunge Router: 4 Votes

Bosch: 2 Total Brand Votes
Bosch 1619EVS 3.25 HP Plunge Router: 1 Vote

Bosch 1619EVS FWW Review

Bosch 1613 2.25 HP Plunge Router: 1 Vote

Bosch 1613 FWW Review

Hitachi: 2 Total Brand Votes
Hitachi M12V2: 2 Votes

Porter Cable: 1 Total Brand Vote
Porter-cable 7539 3 1/4 HP Plunge Router: 1 Vote

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