If a drill press is all you got, it can get some of your routing jobs done! Back in the heady shop days of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s drill presses around the country proudly routed and shaped happily… with the help of these amazing plans :)

1) Master Drill Press Jig (pt1)
Popular Science Aug 1983

2) Master Drill Press Jig Accessories (pt2)
Popular Science Oct 1983

3) Do It All Drill Press Jig (proto version of the Master Drill Press Jig above ^^^)
Popular Science Dec 1975

4) Drill Press: Not Just Another Boring Tool (part 1)
Popular Mechanics Aug 1985

5) Drill Press: Not Just Another Boring Tool (part 2)
Popular Mechanics Oct 1985

6) 5 Accessories for Your Drill Press
Popular Science Apr 1965

7) Jig for Scroll Chamfering and Pattern Routing
Popular Mechanics Aug 1948

8) Make Wooden Threads on Your Drill Press
Popular Mechanics Nov 1953

More Drill Press Magic!
Drill Press Lathe: 9 Jigs and Guides for Drill Press Turning