KnotScott recently found a great thread at SawMillCreek: Buying Lumber Online that discussed good sources for wood on the internet.

The Creekers made some online store recommendations and it got me wondering if woodworkers at other forums had any recommendations to make… After wearing Google out, we found 10 forum threads that discussed the best places to buy wood online!

First off, everyone on our list had at least one forum recommendation – that is, a woodworker in a forum said “I bought from these guys and you should consider them for your purchase too.” Some folks got multiple recommendations. They’re up top of course.

Second, to the best of our knowledge we only listed companies that sell wood online. If you’re looking for local sellers check out WoodFinder (it had tons of recommendations) as well as Craigslist (where your cottage-industry millers sell their wares).

Third, you can see all of our recommendation sources at the end of the list.

Lastly – no one at has done business with any of these sellers, nor are we affiliated with any of them in any way. If you’re an online wood seller and you’d like to be on this list then post the forum thread that has your recommendation in the comment section below.

Online Lumber Sellers with Multiple Recommendations

One name rang out like a bell at multiple forums, from many different woodworkers: Steve Wall Lumber. From what we read (NOT direct experience!) it looks like the only way you can go wrong with Wall Lumber is if they don’t have what you’re looking for. The other frequently-cited lumber sellers are worth looking into for sure, as it’s always good to have multiple sources!

1) Steve Wall Lumber, Co.: 14 Recommendations

2) Bell Forest Products: 4 Recommendations

3) eBay Seller PoroskyWood: 3 Recommendations
Poroskywood at LumberJocks

4) eBay in general: 3 Recommendations

5) Constantine’s Wood Center: 2 Recommendations

Online Lumber Sellers with Single Recommendations

Everyone on this list got at least one forum recommendation from a woodworker based on the 10 forum threads cited.

Our Woodworking Forum Recommendation Sources

Here are the threads from which we took recommendations for online lumber providers.

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