Wait, what? Our dovetail jig collection has got you down? You read about how box joints are stronger than dovetails? Well come on and getchu some! This plan collection features 19 of the best box joint jigs the internet has to offer :)

2 “None More Awesome” Box Joint Jig Awards:

How much more awesome could these box joint jigs get?

Answer: None. None more awesome.

1) Screw advance box joint jig plans

More on the screw advance box joint jig
The screw advance box joint jig is the brain child of Matthias Wandel, the mad scientist of woodworking. Here’s more proof of his mad genius: Computer controlled precision box joint jig

2) Finger Joint Machine Plans Popular Science Feb 1987

Wow. Just… WOW.

13 Table Saw Box Joint Jig Plans

3) Lynn Sabin’s Basic Box Joint Jig

4) Microadjustable Finger Joint Jig

5) Tablesaw Box Joints

6) Fixed Box Joint Jig

7) Adjustable Box Joint Jig

8) Simple Finger Joint Jig

9) Building a Finger or Box Joint Jig

10) Box Joint Jig: Ancient, Effective and Simple

11) The Fingerlap Joint Popular Science Oct 1970

12) Make Perfect Box Joints with this Box Joint Jig

13) ADJUSTABLE BOX JOINT JIG (notes on building the for-pay box jig from shop notes)

14) Box Joint Jig

15) Cutting Finger Lap Joints with the Table Saw

4 Router Table Box Joint Jig Plans:

16) Box joint jigs for the router table

17) Router Table Box Joint Jig

18) Box Joints on the Router Popular Mechanics Jan 1984

19) Router Table Box Joint Jig

2 Box Joint Jig Videos

Box Joint Jig, Finger Joint

Box joint jig with screw advance (see above for plans)