So your portable belt sander just isn’t, er, “sanding it” for you anymore. Even with your portable belt sander jig that basically turns it into a benchtop sander. Also, you enjoy woodworking projects that don’t involve making something to justify your time in the shop. In that case, this is JUST THE PLAN COLLECTION FOR YOU! Building your own belt sander will give you far more satisfaction than buying one, and if your free time is worth nickels to you then it could save money too ;)

Enjoy folks – these are truely some ingenious alternatives to buying your own sander.

1) Build Your Own Belt Sander (Popular Mechanics 1956)

2) Make Your Own Belt Sander (Popular Science 1949)

3) Lathe-Powered Band Sander (Popular Science 1971)

4) A Drum Sander for the Workshop (Popular Mechanics 1931)

5) Building A Home Made Belt Sander

6) Home Made 22″ Drum Sander

7) Drum Sander

8) Building Your Own Thickness Sander

9) Small Emery Grinder for Home Shop Made from Odds and Ends

10) Home-made Thickness Sander

11) Shop Made Drum/Thickness Sander

12) A Shop-Built Drum Sander

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