The only thing that I’ve ever heard ALL woodworkers agree on in a forum is that you can never have enough clamps. So if you’re done checking out our DIY Clamp Alternatives, and you don’t need a bar clamp I guess you have no recourse save to build your own :)

Here are some amazing plans I dug up for the intrepid clamp builder in all of us. ENJOY! Just don’t get sucked into those 1930s Popular Science magazines… you will be in them forever ;)

4 Plans for Wedge Clamps for Woodworkers

6 Homemade Clamps for Woodworkers (by RJ De Cristoforo)

7 Shopmade Wedge Clamps

1 Improved C Clamp

1 Homemade Clamp for Gluing Wide Boards (Popular Science 1932)

1 Shop Clamp Improvised from Bed Rail (Popular Science 1931)

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