Why buy tools online when you can make them? At ToolCrib.com of course we have thousands of great reasons, including free shipping on orders over $100 ;) So why are we directing you to all of these incredible free tool plans when we make our money selling tools? Well, I’m hoping you get started on the lathe plans, decide it’s too much hassle and come back to buy a wood lathe from us :D

Either way, I think you’ll enjoy these great free plans for homemade tools.

4 Homemade Tools You’ll Be Proud to Show Off (Popular Mechanics 1984)

8 Homemade Tools You Can Make for Practically Nothing (Popular Mechanics 1976)

7 Shop Built Tools that Work for PM Craftsmen (Popular Mechanics 1981)

4 Shop-Made Turning Tools (American Woodworker 1994)

3 Shop-Made Rounding Tools (American Woodworker 1994)

I Built this Wood Lathe (Popular Mechanics 1963)

Simple Dowling Machine (American Woodworker 1995)

Homemade Tool and Blade Sharpener (Popular Science 1967)

Homemade Knob Turner (Popular Science 1930)

Making a Chisel Knife (American Woodworker 1993)