KnotScott delivers another episode of awesome forum finds! Folks, he saves you tens of hours a month by hanging out in woodworking forums so you don’t have to! Think of all that extra shop time he makes for you ;) Thank you Scott!

1) Grizzly’s new releases Apparently, they’re painting their tools a different shade of green and calling them Polar Bears.

2) The Most Commonly Used Router Bit Profiles This is a common and important question for router newbies… there are so many dang bits available out there!

3) General Advice About Used Tools This fantastic post is a MUST READ for folks considering used tools, especially if you’re fairly new to woodworking.

4) News from General International… a new US office for GI General Tools is invading the US from Canada. Check out this thread to see what’s in store!

5) How Many Router Bits Do You Have? This is a router bit addicts support group. Yeah, and they’re supporting the habit, not the cure ;)

6) Preventing Electric Motor Overheating Some good discussion on tool maintenance.

7) What Impact Driver To Get This kind of thread never gets old – ask what tool woodworkers recommend and get ready for a tidal wave of responses :)

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