For a lot of us, we don’t have the space to have a big table up all the time in our house or apartment, well we have scoured the web and put together a collection of tables that not only save space, but some of them are just really cool.  From a folding picnic table I pulled out of our 32 Free Picnic Table Plans, to a picture frame that turns into a table.  Really…really.   Plus, Gate Leg tables, a Pembroke Table, and the ever popular Drop Leaf tables.  So take a look.

1.  Small table that pulls apart in the middle.

2.  Nice Table from Popular Mechanics

3.  Folding Picnic Table

4.  Built -In Drop Leaf Table

5.  Cool Picture Table

5.  Nice Drop Leaf Table with Instructional Video

6.  Vineyard Table

7.  Gate Leg Table

Now a few small outdoor folding tables

8.  Outdoor Side Table

9.  Outdoor Serving Table

10.  Folding Side Table

And lastly, some oldies but goodies.  Check out these “Retro” Pics.

11.  The Pembroke Folding Table

12.  Round Folding Table

There you have it.  12 different folding table plans.

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