Did you ever think someone could make such a simple product like the Hole Saw better?  Well the folks over at LENOX have done just that.

Hole saws are great, but the slug removal is one of the biggest pains you professional tradesmen experience when using a hole saw. That’s why LENOX has designed the new Bi-Metal SPEED SLOT Hole saw—for fast and easy plug removal after cutting wood or metal.  This SPEED SLOT makes it amazingly easy to get the slug out.

According to LENOX, “The development program behind the SPEED SLOT Hole Saw launch was the most extensive ever conducted by LENOX. In 2009, their hole saw team began global insight work in key markets to identify the critical features that tradesmen wanted so LENOX could manufacture the most impressive hole saw yet.”  Translation, they asked their customers how could they make a better hole saw, and then they listened!  The patented design centers on a wide staircase slot—the Speed Slot—for easy plug removal, while delivering longer life when cutting holes in wood and metal. The SPEED SLOT also removes saw dust and chips while cutting to further prevent the plug from getting stuck in the saw. Plus the new design increases the saw height by 10 percent, allowing for quick cuts and plug removal when cutting lumber.

Once you get your hands on this saw you’re going to say, “dang, that’s awesome, I wish I had thought of that”.  Watch this video and see for yourself what a great new product the LENOX Speed Slot really is.


The suggested retail price will be $7 – $110, depending on size. The sizes range from 9/16” to 6”. Visit www.lenoxtools.com for more information.